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Try Me - First and Second Cut Ultra Premium Timothy Hay Starter Pack


Not sure which cut of hay your furry friend prefers? Let them choose! Our 1st and 2nd cut Timothy Hay included in our “Try Me” hay box is packed with fiber, stems and leafy greens, 100% natural and ideal for rabbits & small animals. The box size is 0.7 KG

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FIRST OR SECOND CUT? First Cut is tougher and contains lots of long stems and seed heads. Excellent for most rabbits but can be a bit hard for guinea pigs and smaller animals. Second Cut is softer than first cut, darker green, and is a mix of stems and leaf with fewer seeds. Ideal for smaller animals, and a great option for fussy eaters or older animals. Both are high in fibre and very nutritional.


HAPPY AND HEALTHY. Our fresh-smelling lovely green ultra-premium Timothy Hay has the perfect nutritional balance for your small animal. It's perfect to nibble and gnaw on which reduces their boredom when you're not around and it protects your rabbit from bloat and other tummy problems. A wonder food for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters and degus


REDUCE YOUR VET BILLS. Our long stem hay is the perfect length and texture, with just the right amount of fibre, to naturally wear down your rabbit's teeth during chewing. Helping you avoid the high costs of having your vet file its teeth and the risk to your rabbit's life from being under general anaesthetic


NO MESS OR WASTE. Your Nibble & Gnaw Timothy Hay arrives in a re-closable cardboard box, with the hay packed into a 100% biodegradable bag. We do this for four reasons: the bag is really easy to open, hay doesn't fall out everywhere when you open the bag; it is easy to store; reduces mess and waste for every-day use. When your small animal has finished the last tasty morsel, your biodegradable plastic bag breaks down best if you place it in your black bin, and the cardboard box can be recycled


NO NASTIES & DUST EXTRACTED. We 100% quality check our hay when hand packing to make sure that what you receive is only our lovely pure hay free of unwanted nasty surprises from the field that could harm your small animals. We also remove the dust and brown leaf by first passing the hay through a blow tunnel, and then remove as much remaining dust as possible when we're hand packing, as we don't want any small animal (or any human) to suffer respiratory problems from our product


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Long Stems, Packed with Leafy Greens, Low Dust, Fully Recyclable Easy-Access Packaging & Recommended by Vets!


1. High in Fibre

Vets recommend hay that is high in fiber & low in protein to help maintain a healthy digestive system and promote kidney function.

2. No Nasties

We 100% quality check our hay boxes to remove dust, brown leaves and any nasties from the field ensuring only the best for your pet.

3. No Mess or Waste

Our packaging is easily re-closable, can be stored for up to 1 month while maintaining quality and has a biodegradable plastic bag as well as a fully recyclable cardboard hay box.

4. Decisions, Decisions!

Up to 80% of a rabbit or guinea pig diet should be hay based.  It's important they get something they love that gives them everything they need nutritionally.  Get our starter pack and find your favourite!

5. FREE UK Delivery!

We're so confident you'll love Nibble&Gnaw we offer free UK delivery on our Try Me Starter Pack to help make your choice even easier!