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First Cut Timothy Hay - Ultra Premium Canadian Hay for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs


Ultra premium, long stem and dust free, our First Cut Timothy Hay is recommended by vets due to its high fibre and low protein properties. Our 100% natural, first cut hay boxes are full of stems and leafy greens.

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  • 1st Cut


High in Fibre, Low Dust, Fully Recyclable Easy-Access Packaging & Recommended by Vets!  Our Ultra-Premium, 100% Natural Canadian Timothy Hay is second to none. 


1. High in Fibre

Vets recommend hay that is high in fiber & low in protein to help maintain a healthy digestive system and promote kidney function.  Hay should make up around 80% of a rabbit's diet    

2. No Nasties

We 100% quality check our First Cut Timothy Hay to remove dust, brown leaves and any nasties from the field ensuring only the best, all natural hay for your rabbit or guinea pig.

3. No Mess or Waste

Our packaging contains a biodegradable plastic bag and a cardboard, fully recyclable hay box. 
Nibble & Gnaw packaging is easily closed to stop spills and to keep our premium hay fresh for up to 30 days. 

4. Reduced Vet Bills

With long stems our First Cut Timothy Hay is perfect for naturally wearing down your pets teeth avoiding hefty vets bills. 

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