Why Vets Recommend Timothy Hay

Food plays a really important role in your rabbit’s health and well-being and as I am sure you are well aware the wrong diet can cause all sorts of health problems especially digestive and dental issues..

That’s why both vets and charities such as the RSPCA and PDSA recommend that by far the best diet for your bunnies is one that reflects a wild rabbit’s diet – fresh clean drinking water, a few dark greens, and about 90% high quality feeding hay – preferably sweet-smelling, greener in colour than bedding hay and long stemmed if possible.

Premium Timothy hay is high in nutritional value and ensures your bunnies will digest lots of lovely fibre, an integral part of making sure their digestive system keeps on working without a hitch!

Great for Rabbits' Teeth

Did you know that rabbits’ teeth grow continuously?  Having copious amounts of long stem hay to nibble and gnaw on ensures that their teeth wear down naturally rather than putting them through the trauma of having their teeth filed at the vets.


One food that is still popular with some rabbit owners is ‘muesli-style’ mixes – these are a mix of seeds and flakes.  However, the mix can cause serious health problems in rabbits as they tend to eat only the sugary bits. It can mean that their teeth don’t wear down naturally and they don’t receive enough fibre to keep their digestion system in perfect working order… this can lead to an assortment of health issues. Have as look at this link to Rabbit Awareness Week… it tells you all about moving away from muesli… and lots more.

SO, keep on offering your bunnies fresh, high quality hay every day – you can always use the discarded feeding hay for bedding…. And, of course, plenty of fresh water and dark greens always go down well. And, an occasional treat of a little piece of carrot will be thankfully received! Who knows your rabbit may be so ecstatic they might perform a binky for you.

Nibble & Gnaw Timothy Hay

At Nibble & Gnaw, we stock both First Cut and Second Cut Timothy Hay, each providing a multitude of different core benefits for Rabbits and Guinea pigs alike.  Our ultra premium product helps us stand out from the crowd.   In terms of nutrition, our lovely, fresh, green, long-stem, field, dried Canadian hay boxes contain the natural wonder food your rabbit or guinea pig has been waiting for!

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