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Hamster Hay

Hay is the most important part of your hamsters’ diet. Our ultra premium, long stem and dust free hay is sourced from the lush fields of Canada and is the perfect addition to your hamsters’ diet. It provides essential fibre, which aids in digestion as well as helping maintain dental health by providing natural chewing behaviour. Forget feeding processed pellets that don’t provide your hamster what they need to stay healthy. Don’t feed them cheap hay filled with nasty dust that can damage their airways and affect their breathing. Instead feed Nibble&Gnaw to make sure your hamster lives their happiest and healthiest life!

What is timothy hay

Timothy hay is a type of grass hay that is widely recognised for its high fibre and low calcium and protein content. The high fibre content is essential for your hamster’s digestive health and weight management. Timothy hay also helps your hamster’s teeth to wear down to prevent dental problems such as overgrowth.

Can hamsters’ eat hay

Timothy Hay is considered the best type of hay for a hamsters diet due to the high fibre content, which helps their digestive health. Types of hay such as Alfalfa hay are high in protein and calcium and can often lead to many health issues if overfed

How much hay should hamsters’ eat 

It is recommended that you should feed your hamster small amounts of hay at a time for your hamster to chew on it at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ultra premium second cut Timothy hay is softer than our first cut Timothy hay, it is packed full of sweet leafy greens that is the gold standard for your hamster. Our second cut hay has the perfect balance of fibre, calcium, protein and fat for your hamster. It also helps prevent common issues for hamsters’ teeth such as overgrowth and maloccluded teeth, by evenly wearing down their teeth.

First cut Timothy hay is more coarse then second cut hay made up of long stems that contains lots of seed heads. It is ideal for hefty hamsters’ due to the high fibre and low protein and fat content. We would recommend our second cut Timothy hay for most hamsters.

Nibble&Gnaw Timothy hay must be a part of your hamsters’ diet! It provides your hamster with the perfect balance of fibre, protein, calcium and fat. We recommend that you introduce our hay slowly to your hamsters’ diet. A good rule of thumb is feed the same volume of hay as their furry bodies are

We recommend you store Timothy hay in a cool, dry place to prevent mould. You should keep it in a well-ventilated area that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. Our 100% recyclable box is perfect for storing your hay; we also include a biodegradable insert bag that maintains freshness.