Our Hay can seem expensive versus other hays on the market, but we firmly believe in the old adage “you get what you pay for”.  That, though, doesn’t answer your question, so here are the two main reasons our hay is great value for money.

Firstly, in terms of cost per kg of hay eaten, you’ll find we’re cheaper!  Why? There’s very little of our hay goes into the bin versus low-price hay. Here’s why…

 Dust free – we hand sieve our hay to minimise the amount of dust packed in the box, which has two benefits for you:
o 99% of the product is edible hay unlike cheaper brands which have a high content of dust you need to throw away.
o Your house isn’t getting covered in dust and you’re not sneezing or wheezing from hay dust.

 Hand-sorted – the team remove brown and dead leaves from the hay before it gets packed in the box, meaning there’s more nutritious goodness in every box

 Fresh & nutritious – our hay is dried in the sun keeping it fresher, greener, and lovely smelling, so your little furry friend goes mad for it

But it’s not just the hay you’re paying for, our packaging is more expensive but we think it’s worth it. Here’s why:

 Better Materials - Cardboard costs much more than shrink wrapped plastic, but It’s fully recyclable so there’s no waste or plastic going to landfill. (And our inner bag is compostable)

 Easier to Store - The box is it easier to store in your home (and can be a little edible playground for your furry friend, just don’t let them eat too much of it!)

 Less Mess - The easy to open and re-closable box stops hay going all over your home after opening

 Longer Lasting – closing the box lid keeps the hay out of sunlight and fresher for longer than shrink-wrapped hays