Timothy Hay has the perfect nutritional content for your bun, piggie, hamster, chincilla or degu. However, make sure it is sweet-smelling, long stemmed, green and dust free, so your furry friend gets the full benefit.

The RSPCA recommends at least a ‘rabbit-sized’ bundle of fresh hay for each rabbit daily. The good news is that any un-eaten hay can be used as bedding so there is nothing to lose in making your rabbit’s home a hay paradise!

Do also offer them a variety of safe, washed leafy dark greens or weeds daily as well (but it should never be more than around 5% to 10% of their diet). The RSPCA recommends kale, cabbage, broccoli, parsley and mint as safe plants to feed rabbits. You could also flavour the hay by adding a few herbs like basil, rosemary or coriander. Monitor how their digestive system responds to new foods as their tummies can be very easily upset.

The RSPCA also recommend you avoid muesli like foods. It's like very bad fast food for your furry friend, which can cause lots of stomach problems and won't wear down their teeth.

Like humans, your rabbit must always have unlimited access to clean, fresh water – without water they can become seriously ill. The RSPCA suggests checking the water levels at least twice daily.