Hay your furry friend will love

Struggling to find hay your furry friend loves?

Fed up wasting money on hay they ignore and that you end up throwing away?

It's even worse when you know that hay is critical for their health
Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and degus all need hay to keep their digestive systems in order. They have a very specific natural population of 'good' stomach bacteria which is critical to normal bowel function. Hay helps keep the stomach bacteria balanced. Without it, you can get too much 'bad’ bacteria which can product painful gas, slow down digestion and food passage through the intestinal tract, damage the intestinal tissues, release toxins, cause severe diarrhoea, and in severe cases, death.
And that gnawing on hay is essential if you want to avoid terrible tooth problems (especially in rabbits)
Rabbit's, guinea pigs, and hamsters teeth grow from the moment they're born until the day they die. (Rabbits teeth grow nearly one centimetre per month!) So if they're not getting a diet that's abrasive and rich in fibre (think Nibble and Gnaw Timoth Hay), their teeth quickly become overgrown and can be extremely painful. And usually the only way to fix it having their teeth filed down by the vet under general anaesthetic. All at a cost of at least £70 per visit. Quite an expensive problem, never mind the anguishing pain your furry friend will suffer.
Your furry friend is a very important member of your family.
And like any family member, you want them to be healthy and happy. Free of pain. Full of energy. Bouncing around, not bored and listless.
And eating enough of the right sort of hay every day keeps your furry friend healthy. And that's where we can help you.

Introducing Nibble & Gnaw Timothy Hay

The best hay for your furry friend

Our Ultra-Premium, field-dried Canadian Timothy hay is lovely smelling and so nice and fresh that even the most picky feeders have been known to squeak with delight before the box is even opened!

And because it is so fresh, they munch and munch all day long just like they would in the wild. All that munching keeps their digestive system in tip-top order, and keeps their teeth nicely worn down to the right level. And, the hidden benefit, is that it reduces their boredom when you’re not around to play with them and give them TLC.

Our long stem hay is the perfect length and texture, with just the right amount of fibre, to naturally wear down their teeth during chewing. Helping you avoid the high costs of having your vet file its teeth and the risk to your rabbit's life from being under general anaesthetic.

Hay is a natural product with huge variations in quality even within the same cut, so we hand-sort every blade that comes into our production process. It means we can remove any dead brown leaves and make sure there's no dust. And because hay is machine-harvested there is always the risk of an unwanted nasty getting accidentally caught up in the hay (things like dead field mice or baling string, for example). Hand-sorting allows us to make sure that none of these every get through so that nothing can harm your furry friend. It is consuming and costly, but we do it so we can 100% guarantee the quality of our hay for your wonderful furry friend.

Most hay comes shrink-wrapped in plastic bags, and often goes everywhere when you open it. That’s why our hay arrives inside a reclosable bio-degradable bag inside a reclosable cardboard box. The hay stays inside until you want to take it out, so you’ve less mess and less waste in your home. And when you're done, pop the cardboard box in the recycling bin and the bio-degradable bag in the black bin so there's no waste or mess damaging the environment, unlike the single-use bags that most hay seems to come in.

I can honestly say this is without doubt, the best hay I've ever used. Before I even opened the box and bag, the sweet smell of fresh hay was noticed by my 3 Guinea pigs, who immediately started wheeking. They usually get excited when I give them their daily hay, but not THIS excited! The hay was tightly packed so you get much more than you'd expect. The hay was so green and so fresh. Each stem is lovely and long too. All three pigs are devouring this faster than any other hay I've tried (Burgess, selective, oxbow). I'm so glad I decided to purchase this.

TruthfulTess 29 SEP 2018

The perfect hay for your furry friend
  • Our Timothy Hay is the perfect nutritional blend of protein, fibre and crude sugars for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and degus, which encourages gut action and reduces stomach bloat
  • Feeding your furry friend hay that’s high in calcium can cause stones to grow in their bladder, which can be very painful and may require surgery to remove. Thankfully, our Timothy Hay is low in calcium, helping to avoid bladder stones
  • Our hay is dried naturally in the field, under the Canadian sun, to protect its natural goodness. Many European suppliers of hays dry their hay in barns using heat and mechanical systems, not natural!
Our four stage qualtiy process guarantees you get the best quality hay
  • Each individual pivot of hay is sent for laboratory analysis to ensure it has the optimal nutritional content and is of the highest quality.
  • We go to Canada, check the pivots (the areas where the hay grows), check the barns, and hand-select the hay we sell to you.
  • After drying our hay is passed through a special blow tunnel to reduce the amount of brown leaf and dust
  • We hand-sort the hay to remove any unwanted nasties, as many dead leaves as possible, and as much dust as possible
Let your furry friend choose the perfect type for them
  • Our furry friends can be fussy about their hay, that's why we've two types of Timothy Hay (first and second cut) so they'll get the perfect hay for them
  • First cut hay has more stems, leaves and seedheads and is tougher than second cut - it's best for rabbits
  • Second cut hay is softer than first cut, is darker green and has a mix of stems and leaf with fewer seeds - best for piggies, hamsters, etc. and older rabbits
Easy to store cardboard box
  • Our hay arrives in a strong, re-closable cardboard box. This means you can store it neatly (practically) anywhere in your home without worrying about hay going everywhere
  • Once you’re finished with the box, simply pop it in your recycling bin so that there’s no waste or mess going to landfill
  • Some customers use the box as their feeder! Cut some holes in the side of the box, and your rabbit can pull it out and munch to their heart’s contents
  • The box helps store the hay correctly keeping it dry and out of sunlight), so it will stay fresh for over a year!
Value for money
  • Our hay costs more per kg than many others, but then it is the best your furry friend will get, adn nearly every morsel will be eaten, so you'll use less hay than poorer quality competitors hay
  • We give you a 100% quality guarantee - simply let us know what's wrong with the hay and we'll refund it or replace it
  • Use our subscribe and save option to make sure you never run out, and to save up to 10% on the purchase price
  • You can buy cheaper, not-as-nice hay, but not from us. We’ll only sell you products we’d give our own furry friends.

I have a 9 week old bunny who has spent the past week in the vets with stasis. It has been a nightmare and we have gone through so many things to get her to eat. After reading the reviews I purchased this, hoping that it would tempt her to at least nibble at it. The hay is well packaged in both a sealed bag and box. Great for storage and less mess when getting hay out as it drops onto the box. As soon as the bag was open the smell wafted out. Nice green, fresh smelling hay.

She started to nibble on it at the vets. And also made a bed out of some as well. I’m otherwords it was a big hit. She is now home and is enjoying her hay, especially tucked away in her log for her to tug out and eat. I would recommend this product, and I know I will be buying this from now on for my little bunny.

Have since bought again as she seems to love it. She had stopped eating much hay but went mental as soon as I opened the new box! Currently stuffing her face once more. A
mazing hay!!!!

Grace Cole 13 JAN 2019