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Facts About Rabbits

Fun Facts about Rabbits

Over the last few months we have spent a lot of time finding out many fascinating facts and figures about bunnies… have a browse you might learn a few new things about your furry friends. 

Did you know:

  • A male rabbit is called a buck, a female is a doe and a baby rabbit is called a kit
  • Rabbits can see behind them without rotating their head but they have a blind spot directly in front of their face
  • Rabbits can jump up to 90 cm in height and 3 metres in length – that’s a long way!
  • Rabbits recognise their owners by shape, smell and voice – so they won’t mind if you forget to use deodorant a day or two!
  • The RSPCA recommends between 80-90% of our rabbits’ daily diet should consist of hay or grass! This keeps our bunnies’ digestive system on track, naturally wears down those ever-growing teeth and guarantees fun for them to forage in sweet smelling, long stem hay!
  • Rabbits are clean animals who groom themselves and their bonded partner from head to toe about five times a day!
  • Rabbits’ teeth grow around 8 – 10 inches per year. That means our cute little herbivores can carry on munching on hay all day long without ever turning into toothless wonders! It’s a pity the same doesn’t apply for humans…
  • When a rabbit is happy, they tend to express themselves by jumping up in the air, twisting and flicking their feet – aka, a binky!
  • The Rabbit Awareness Campaign 2018 is all about encouraging rabbit owners away from feeding their rabbits’ muesli type food towards a healthier, high fibre, hay or grass based diet – just as they eat in the wild!
  • Rabbits need at least 3 – 4 hours free-range exercise a day, so make sure their run is lovely and open! Even better, give them the run of the house… they will be in heaven!

We would love to hear from you if you have any interesting facts or stories about bunnies. We are also keen to hear about your rabbits’ behaviour, what they like to eat, how you keep them occupied and how easy are they to handle! Of course, we love photographs of your bunnies so please get in touch with your favourite photos at

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

All the gang at Nibble and Gnaw.

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