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Adopt a Rabbit

If you have yet to dabble in the art of bunny-lovin’, boy are you in for a treat! If treated well, these furry rascals are funny, bright and have bundles of personality… keeping you amused morning, noon and night.  However, now for the big shock… did you know that there are over 67,000 of these beautiful animals in rescue homes across the UK? All of which are in dire need of someone to love, entertain and cuddle by the fire. Sounds lovely, eh?

Rescue a Rabbit

Why do so many rabbits need rescued?

A large question mark hovers above why so many rabbits are needing rehomed, but the answer is almost always to do with a lack of understanding of how to care properly for these animals. If given enough grub (hay, hay and more hay), space to roam around (the run of the house preferably or the ground floor at least), and the company of another furry friend, your buns will thrive and make lovely, loyal friends.

Why rescue a rabbit?

The endless list of reasons to adopt a rabbit have been compiled into one list by Save a Fluff. So on the off chance you aren’t ringing your local rabbit rescue home as we speak, these reasons, and a few of our own, have been listed below:

  1. Why encourage the breeding process when there are 67,000 rabbits in rescues around the country?
  2. Why spend money buying rabbits from a pet shop when you can re-home for free and get advice and support as well?
  3. Rescue rabbits are already neutered and vaccinated, saving you lots of money up front.
  4. You get aftercare and the rescue will always be there as back up if you have any queries.
  5. If you already have one, rescue homes help you to choose a rabbit that will most likely become your rabbit’s best friend…easy-peasy!
  6. Adopt one rabbit and you’ll save two – In effect, you’re rescuing an animal and making room for a new one to be rescued.
  7. Rescues have bunnies of all ages and breeds so there are plenty to choose from.
  8. If you are adopting a pair of rabbits, they will already be bonded by the rescue home.
  9. Rabbits can be litter trained and spend a lot of time grooming themselves. In essence, they are nice clean
  10. Rabbits do not need to be walked, so you can keep the feet up! However, they do need lots of exercise so it is a good idea to let them run around the house or in the garden.
  11. Rabbits are so much fun! Don't believe us? Check out our recent fun facts about rabbits blog and learn more.
  12. So that’s enough babbling for now, I will allow you to carry on with search for rabbit rescue centres near you.

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