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Struggling to find hay your furry friend loves?

Fed up wasting money on hay they ignore? And that you end up throwing in the bin?

Our furry friends are fussy eaters. They know what they like and will turn up therir noses at sub-qaulity hay. It can be hard to find hay you know they'll eat every time.  And whilst you can use the hay for bedding, it still feels such a waste of money.  You need and want hay that you know will get eaten every time. Hay that has them wheeking with pleasure 

Worried they're not eating enough quality hay to keep them healthy and happy?

If rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and degus don't eat good quality hay, the bacteria in their stomach gets unbalanced. When you get too much 'bad’ bacteria it produces painful gas, slows down digestion and food passage through the intestinal tract, damages the intestinal tissues, releases toxins, causes diarrhoea, and in severe cases, death.

Worried their teeth aren't getting ground down daily to avoid terrible tooth pain?

Their teeth grow from the moment they're born until the day they die. If they're not getting a diet that's abrasive and rich in fibre (think Nibble and Gnaw Timothy Hay), their teeth quickly become overgrown and can be extremely painful. And the only way to fix it is by having their teeth filed down by the vet under general anaesthetic. All at a cost of more than £70 per visit!

Introducing Nibble & Gnaw Timothy Hay

Probably the best hay in the world for your furry friend

Product Comparison
Our Timothy Hay Attributes
Nibble & Gnaw Packaging

Fresh & fragrant

Even the most picky feeders have been known to squeak with delight even before the box is opened!

Long stem

The perfect length and texture, with just the right amount of fibre, to naturally wear down their teeth


Every blade is hand-sorted to make sure that no nasties from the field ever make it through to harm your furry friend.

100% guaranteed

If you're not happy with your hay, let us know and we'll replace it or refund you.  Our no quibble guarantee.

No dust

We pass the hay through a blow tunnel and hand-sort to make sure we minimse the amount of dust

Clever packaging 

Packed in a bio-degradable bag in a recloseable cardboard box to minimise mess and make it easy to store

Reduces boredom

They'll munch all day long like in the wild which keeps them occupied when you're not around to give them TLC

100% recyclable

Pop any left over hay in the compost bin, the box into the recycling bin, and the bio-degradable bag in the black bin


Ican honestly say this is without doubt, the best hay I've ever used. Before I even opened the box and bag, the sweet smell of fresh hay was noticed by my 3 Guinea pigs, who immediately started wheeking.

They usually get excited when I give them their daily hay, but not THIS excited! The hay was tightly packed so you get much more than you'd expect. The hay was so green and so fresh. Each stem is lovely and long too.

All three pigs are devouring this faster than any other hay I've tried (Burgess, selective, oxbow). I'm so glad I decided to purchase this.

Truthful Tess, 29th September 2018 (our first ever customer!)

Ihave a 9 week old bunny who has spent the past week in the vets with stasis. It has been a nightmare and we have gone through so many things to get her to eat. After reading the reviews I purchased this, hoping that it would tempt her to at least nibble at it. The hay is well packaged in both a sealed bag and box. Great for storage and less mess when getting hay out as it drops onto the box. As soon as the bag was open the smell wafted out. Nice green, fresh smelling hay.

She started to nibble on it at the vets. And also made a bed out of some as well. I’m otherwords it was a big hit. She is now home and is enjoying her hay, especially tucked away in her log for her to tug out and eat. I would recommend this product, and I know I will be buying this from now on for my little bunny.

Have since bought again as she seems to love it. She had stopped eating much hay but went mental as soon as I opened the new box! Currently stuffing her face once more. Amazing hay!!!!

Grace Cole 13th January 2019.

The perfect hay for your furry friend
Our four stage quality process guarantees you get the best quality hay
Let your furry friend choose the perfect type of hay for them
Easy to store (and playhouse) cardboard box
Great value for money!

Mytwo fluff balls absolutely loved this hay! I was sceptical at first because it's rather pricey but they gobble this right up and it smells really nice, their poops also look very healthy after they eat this hay compared to the other hay that I feed them. They also get the added bonus of getting to play in the box!

Beth Rose, 24th November 2019

Weordered this hay for a guinea pig. I wasn't sure he would like it because when it arrived it did have a little brownish grass among all the green. Normally he is very choosy about the hay he will eat but he dives into this the second it is within his reach and eats like he's never had anything like it before. The hay smell is very nice also. We are both very happy with this hay!

Anastasia Chacon, 12th November 2019

Ourtwo house bunnies live a pellet free lifestyle as they have struggled to digest them. Therefore it was even more important to find a hay to fulfil the 80‰ of their daily diet intake! They LOVE this stuff, especially the first cut. They get all giddy and hyper when I open the box, and they eat every single blade rather than digging through for their favourite pieces! There is no annoying dust or filler, each bite looks lush! And my goodness, the bunnies have the healthiest golden poops I've ever seen!! Worth every penny!!

Bob & Pop, 6th September 2019