Why is Timothy hay so beneficial to a rabbit’s diet?

High quality hay like our long stem, ultra-premium Timothy hay provides heaps of lovely fibre which helps keep your rabbits’ digestion regular and protects it against bloat and other digestive problems which they are often prone to.

Long stem Timothy hay is also essential for wearing down their teeth naturally. A shocking fact is that rabbits’ teeth can grow 8-10 inches per year. By happily chewing on our long stem Timothy hay, the side-to-side motion ensures that the natural wearing down of their teeth is maintained. This reduces the risk of sharp teeth, misalignment, cuts to the lips or gums, infections and pain while chewing. This can also lead to an expensive trip to the vet for teeth filing or extraction. A very nerve-racking experience for you and your bunny!

Ensuring there is lots of long stem Timothy hay for rabbits to forage in is also vital to their well-being.  Rabbits need to be stimulated, so foraging or teasing out hay from a tube or hay feeder is just the ticket to keep them fully entertained.

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