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1st Cut Hay & Hibiscus Combo


"One is good, but a combo is better" - Easter Rabbit, Easter, 1959. 

Now you can make your loved one twice as happy with our new Combo range. Mix the UK's best hay with our tasty Hibiscus in this brilliant box!

This Hibiscus package combines the dietary benefit of our fresh hay, with Hibiscus's very high antioxidant count supporting their immune system, and they support optimal liver function.  

And, as ever, our hay is ultra-premium, long-stem, and dust free. Our First Cut Timothy Hay is recommended by vets due to its high fibre and low protein properties, and the box is full of stems and leafy greens. 

- Please note, package contains 1kg of First Cut Canadian Timothy Hay and 150g of Hibiscus in separate packaging.