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Why Rabbits Make Good Pets for Children

Rabbit Breeds for Children

It's not uncommon for a rabbit or hamster to be a child's first pet.  Having a pet is a great first step towards responsibility, respect, patience, compassion, care and love!

Cute, fluffly and low maintenance, with a gentle and sociable nature - a rabbit is a great pet for young children.

We've already looked at what to feed them and how we can look after them.  Now, let's have a look at how a rabbit is a great choice for a family pet for you and your children, alongside the life skills we can expect our kids to pickup.

Teach Responsibility

Whilst it's important for the adults in the house to keep a watchful eye, a rabbit is a great introduction to responsibility.  Long after the novelty wears off, our furry friends will still require food, water, care and attention.  This is important early lesson in responsibility can go a long way in later life.

Learn Respect

Rabbits are easily startled and, at times must be approached with caution, compassion and care.  It's also important that their boundaries are respected.  They prefer their own company at times and can be a little aggressive if sleep or eating is disturbed, or if you are pettying them too firmly.

It's likely your kids may learn the hard way in the form of a bite or two when they overstep the mark! But the long term benefit will be a greater understanding about the needs of our furry friends and of others in general.

Having respect for others and a compassion for animals is a wonderful trait to pick up at a young age and keeping a rabbit in the family is a great way to get there.

The Perfect Indoor Pet

Whilst children might yearn for a labrador, a pony, or indeed a unicorn, it's important to work within our means!  Rabbits are a great indoor pet because they don't require a huge amount of space, they are clean and can easily be toilet trained.  Don't expect noise complaints from the neighbours either. If peace and quiet is your aim, look no further!

Forming an Early Bond

Rabbits have really distinct personalities ranging from charming, rambunctious and playful, to shy, reserved and perhaps a little challenging.  One thing's for sure, they are all unique and special. 

What's really special is the bond a rabbit will form with their owners.  Rabbits will recognise you by sight, voice and can even learn to come on command.  It's also common for bunnies to follow their owners from room to room and jump up on their laps when called.  A wonderful companion!

Timothy Hay for Rabbits

A rabbit can live from 8-12 years - but only if they maintain a proper diet.  One of key lessons for children to learn is how crucial it is to keep your pets well fed, nutritionally balanced and fulfilled.  

This brings us onto our Timothy Hay.  Rabbits need at least one bundle of good quality hay as big as they are every single day.  When they eat this much of something it's important you're feeding them a good product.

Timothy Hay is widely considered the best form of hay for rabbit nutrition.  At Nibble & Gnaw, we source our Timothy Hay from the Canadian Prairies, where the growing conditions are perfect for growing ultra-premium hay that is extremely high in nutritional content.

Becauuse Rabbits have a very intricate digestive system, fibre is absolutely crucial in ensuring the health of your rabbit and the normal digestion of their food.  Timothy Hay in particular is an exceptionally nutritious, high fibre, high energy, low protein, low calcum type of grass hay that is an excellent food source for the bunnies in your life. 

Our Timothy Hay also promotes dental health and keeps your pet mentally stimulated.  A nice full rack of Nibble & Gnaw Timothy Hay will give your rabbit ample opportunity to forage, chew and keep active and stimulated.

At Nibble & Gnaw, we stock both First Cut and Second Cut Timothy Hay, each providing a multitude of different core benefits for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and other small mammals.  Not sure which is right for your pet? Check out our 'try me' starter pack so you can experience the best of both worlds!

Our product is an Ultra Premium Timothy Hay with the following key benefits:

  • Long Stem
  • 100% Natural and Free from All Nasties (All Natural)
  • No Dust
  • Fresh, greeen and nutritious

Don't just take our word for it - check out our excellent reviews and product ratings.

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